Monday, August 8, 2011


I wish I liked Doctor Who enough to get these two prints...
...and hang them next to each other.  But not enough to actually sit down and watch Doctor Who.

Also, this is a real picture.

Of a real bat.  And this was my reaction.

That is all.


SilverMoon Dragon said...

That's some very clever perspective trickery in the bat photo. :) Freaked me out till I looked at it properly too!

Mostly Nerdy Crochet said...

Bahahahaha that's perfect!

Geek Central Station said...

There might be a little forced perspective there, but that bat is seriously giant! It's a Flying Fox bat, and has a wingspan of up to 6 feet. That's pretty freaking huge!

Anonymous said...

You should totally do a super-hero series of ami like Batman, Iron Man, Captain America ect. It would be so AWESOME!! Especially with all the crazy things you can do with clay!! Iron Man's suit would be so cool. I would TOTALLY buy the patterns.

omlair said...

lol forced perspective.

You need to watch dr who now.

that is all.

Anginet Page said...

I wasn't sure how to contact you directly, so I decided to comment. I think you're amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your pattens. I bought the Star Wars Craft Book and when I saw your dolls, I had to hunt you down. I just started a group called "The League of Comic Book Widows" (For those who have lost their loved ones to comics and other obsessions), and monthly we'll be having an event called "CrafterNoon", where we learn a geek inspired craft. I can't wait to show you off! I'll totally link back to your blog too. You amaze me. :) I hope you write a book at some point!

Geek Central Station said...

Thank you very much, Anginet Page! I would be very honored if you would show me off, that group sounds like a lot of fun.

TheCheekyKea said...

I think I want Gandalf and the Doctor chilling out tattooed on me. That is awesome

iamnotobiwan said...

I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker said...

Wow. Those are awesome! I just started watching Doctor Who last week and I ♥♥ it!

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